Software Distribution System Design and Support using Accelerite Radia

Ensuring the correct services such as operating system, patches and applications are delivered to the correct device can be simplified by introducing standards and using a good software distribution system such as Accelerite Radia (formerly known as HP Client Automation - HPCA).

Radia offers the advantage of desired state management whereby the system administrator can define which "services" a device should have and the agents are responsible for ensuring that the device complies. Services can be the base operating system, patches from the vendor, applications, security settings among other things.

Radia is the only system on the market which currently offers this functionality, it's distributed design also means that less infrastructure is required and therefore less time is required to distribute your updates. Coupled with mobile device management and robust reporting, Radia offers the complete solution to the management of your endpoints.

KN3 are specialists in Radia design and implementation along with supporting and upgrading existing installations

Please contact us for a demonstration of Accelerite Radia or if you would like more information regarding our implementation or support services.

Software Distribution Design
Phase 1: Discover and Understand

Key Steps:

  • Investigation
    • Which applications are currently actively in use
      (as opposed to just installed)?
    • Which applications are required and of those which are key?
    • What is the position with licensing, are the applications adequately
      or even over licensed?
    • How are the applications installed, are there instructions available
      and installation media?
  • Audit of Requirements
    • A full application audit, either automated and/or manual will help to define the requirements
    • Hardware audits will identify the target environment and devices
  • Compatibility Checks
    • If an operating system migration is also planned it will be necessary to check whether each application functions and is supported on the target operating system

How KN3 Can Assist With This Phase...

Phase 2: Design and Implement...

Key Steps:

  • Standards Definition
    • Standards for the installation types (operating system, software and patches) need to be defined and documented
  • Automation
    • The installations should be completely automated where possible to avoid human error
    • The applications must be packaged or scripted for automated delivery.
    • All installation processes must be thoroughly tested and ideally piloted by key application users
  • Software Distribution Design
    • The software distribution system will need to be tailored to fit your organisation’s layout (geographical or otherwise) to ensure that all user types can receive their updates without issues

How KN3 Can Assist With This Phase...

Phase 3: Training and Support...

Phase three ensures that your new solution is more easily adopted and supported.

Key Steps:

  • Training
    • Support personnel will need to be trained on the new software distribution process
    • Support personnel will need to be trained on packaging applications to maintain the process
    • Support personnel will require training on the software distribution system
    • End users may need to receive training on the new software distribution process depending upon how it has been implemented
Accelerite Radia/HP Client Automation (HPCA) Upgrades

Newer versions of Accelerite Radia offer greater functionality and control over your enterprise than ever before but upgrading an existing system has many pitfalls, often leaving inexperienced architects with a complex and error-prone situation on their hands.

Experienced KN3 consultants can work with your organisation to orchestrate a smooth upgrade process from HPCM or Radia, migrating an outdated system that is moving out of support, to a powerful, future-proofed infrastructure.

Wherever you are on your journey to Accelerite Radia even if you're just beginning, KN3 can show you the way.

Why choose KN3 for your upgrade?

We are industry leading experts in Radia...

Upgrades to Accelerite Radia from Hewlett-Packard Client Automation (HPCA)

  • Implementation
    • We have years of experience in dealing with all versions of Client Automation from Radia through to the latest version 7.9
    • We have performed many successful upgrades for customer environments differing substantially in complexity
    • We perform environmental and database analysis before recommending the exact approach to be taken for your upgrade with the emphasis on accuracy and minimising the impact on availability of your software distribution system
    • You will receive an accurate, detailed plan covering all aspects of the upgrade
    • As part of the upgrade process we will provide a consultancy report detailing any modifications or enhancements we may recommend to improve your implementation
    • Any necessary changes to your system will be controlled and fully documented
    • Our engineers are all certified by HP on Client Automation so you can be assured that we work to vendor-approved standards
    • As a Hewlett-Packard Partner we offer fully vendor-supported solutions and can resolve issues without delay
  • Complimentary Services
    • Migration of complex database model customisations
    • Pre-existing Configuration Server Database corruption repair
    • Application, Patch and Operating System data migration
    • Standardisation of Client Automation product installations
    • Optimisation of infrastructure configuration for high performance
What are the Radia and HP Client Automation Upgrade Challenges?

The key challenged faced when upgrading between versions of Raida are as follows:

  • Areas of Complexity
    • Customised Classes
    • Pre-existing Configuration Server Database corruption
    • Client upgrades
    • Scripts
    • Database modelling
    • Customised files
    • Configuration file changes.

Complimentary KN3 Services...

Accelerite Radia/HP Client Automation (HPCA) Support Services

KN3 can offer you expert support and consultancy services for your Accelerite Raida/HP Client Automation (HPCA) infrastructure.

We offer two support options based on your requirements:

HP Client Automation Remote Support

Regular support and maintenance of your Radia environment by our specialists.

KN3 consultants can supplement your on-site team by offering regular guaranteed support services. From 3 days per month (minimum 3 month term) you can rely on us to deal with issues and maintenance needed to keep your software distribution environment in good working order. Being Accelerite Business Partners, you can rest assured that we can call upon their full resources to support us in supporting you.

Service outline:

  • Minimum of 3 days support per month (3 month minimum contract)
  • Priority remote support (i.e. remote control) for any issues which cannot easily be resolved on the telephone
  • Logging support calls for Configuration Management issues with Hewlett Packard
    (if required)
  • Which applications are required and of those which are key?
  • Regular maintenance tasks on the Configuration Server database
  • Regular reporting
  • Reduced rates on other KN3 services
HP Client Automation Remote Incidental Support

Assistance with specific incidents

Sometimes advice is needed or problems may arise with your HP Client Automation (Radia) Environment which require urgent attention.   Perhaps it's not a real Radia emergency and you just need to find your way around the CSDB Editor, Radia Publisher, Radia Packager or the Radia Portal. Maybe your Proxy Server or Reporting Sever is confusing you or you need help with OS manager?

Service Outline:

  • Telephone Advice
    • One of our consultants will talk to your HPCA technical staff and suggest the best way to proceed
  • Remote Support
    • Where remote access is available to your network, KN3 staff can connect to perform routine maintenance of your HP CA environment or deal with reported problems
  • Emergency consultancy
    • One of our consultants can attend on-site at your business to help you resolve the situation