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Title: Developing Applications using ReactJ Training Course

Duration: 3 days

Course code: KN3_1570

Vendor: Internet Technologies


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A solid understanding of JavaScript and preferably attendance at the following QA courses “Programming with JavaScript” and “Next Generation JavaScript: ECMAScript 2015” (or equivalent programming experience).


You will learn
  • How to create components for use in a ReactJS application using JSX
  • How to pass data around an application built in ReactJS
  • How components can be used as part of single page applications


Introduction to ReactJS
  • What is ReactJS
  • What does ReactJS do
  • ReactJS, the DOM and the VirtualDOM
ReactJS Projects
  • Project Fundamentals
  • The react and react-dom packages
  • Babel and Webpack
  • Other project files
Components and JSX
  • Components
  • JSX and how to modify a project to use JSX
  • Chrome React Developer tools
Using props and state
  • props – description, use, typing and validation
  • state – description, use, setting and changing
  • Passing state through props
  • Functional components
  • Lifting up state
Component Lifecycles
  • Lifecycle Methods: Mouting, Updating and Unmounting
  • ReactJS and the DOM
  • ReactDOM methods
Forms, Events and Refs
  • Controlled components
  • How are Events controlled
  • What are Refs
  • Uncontrolled components
  • Forms as child components
Working with Datasets
  • Collecting data from forms
  • Data sources
  • Arrays/Iterators and Keys
  • Sub-Components
Composition vs Inheritance
  • Composition and the use of containment and specialisation
  • Inheritance use in ReactJS
Single Page Applications
  • Single Page Applications and React Router
  • Defining and Lining to Routes
  • Displaying Route Content
  • Params and Nesting
Thinking in React
  • Facebook’s ‘Thinking in React’ Philosophy
Working with other Libraries OBJECTIVES
  • Using Flux and Redux with React
  • ReactJS as the V part for Angular and other frameworks

Available Dates

There are currently no dates available, please contact us for more information

*All prices exclude VAT